Narrative Nursing

Embrace your experiences, own your story, gain perspective, offer understanding.

The art of extreme self care for professional nurses – no diet or exercise required! No kidding! See how.

Every Wednesday morning, Marcus will post a thought provoking writing prompt. Write your response and, if youd like, share it with the community. Please note: this is therapeutic! It is not intended to cause anxiety! No one in the Narrative Nursing community is part of the grammar police. Marcus himself doesnt remember what a participle or gerund is! We write to help ourselves, not to critique that of others. Cool? 

Here’s where you find:

  • Words instead of wine (or as an accompaniment your choice!) 
  • Insight replaces ice cream (but if you bring some share!)
  • And conversations that build community and your spirit!

Here’s how to join in:

  • Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to suggest a post.
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  • Or, just stop by the site every Wednesday morning to see what Marcus has dreamed up!


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