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Communicating Emotion

I just heard of an interesting orientation strategy being utilized by a hospital. On the day of orientation, nurse hires check in and are directed to go into the auditorium. They are told orientation will begin promptly at 8 a.m.
Then, those new hires sit. And sit some more. And 8 a.m. comes and goes. So does 9 a.m. Then 10.
Finally, after they sit in the auditorium for hours doing nothing, they’re told to move to a different room with a vague description of how to get there. The frustration and confusion is so thick you can taste it.
Then, the nurses are asked to sit again in their original seats and the secret is revealed; if there’s anything transparent about it.

See, the hospital WANTS those in orientation to feel bored, neglected, frustrated and confused. Reason being? They assume that is how patients feel. Now that nurses have had that experience, they can better empathize with patients and their families.

I see the point the hospital is trying to make. But, is it effective? You’d have to ask those nurses in orientation, but my guess is no.

Still, as a non-nurse, I wonder what you think. Is this an effective way to communicate the emotions of a patient? How do you think you might feel if you were a participant in this experiment?

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