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Life Is Too Short… NOT!

(guest post by Taylor Lunin)


We all know the saying, “life is too short ______” –


“Life is too short to not do something you love.”

“Life is too short to not have fun.”

“Life is too short to not eat chocolate.”


With the exception of the latter, because, I mean, there’s never been an excuse in my book to not eat chocolate, I think these quotes are lacking.

Are they said in good intentions? Yes, of course. Is life extremely short in the long-term, big picture of our universe? Yes, of course. But, my life and my time spent here, I don’t believe, is so short. To me, life can be really, really long.

Life ends up being short, when we find that we spent all of our time living elsewhere other than the moment. When we’re planning for tomorrow, or reflecting on yesterday, it’s easy to find ourselves at the end of the road, not remembering even how we got there. But, when actively living, actively doing so, the moments created can be a seemingly almost endless amount.

Lots can be created by putting one foot in front of the other and appreciating each step taken; by actively being alive and living.

Sometimes, it really can just be the simple parts of the journey that end up mattering the most. Here are a few of my thoughts on our time here –


“Life is too long to not do something you love, every single day.”

“Life is too long to do anything but make yourself happy.”

“Life is too long to not eat chocolate.”


What are your views on time spent “here?”

What makes it go too quickly? Too slowly?

How do you find ways to stay in the moment?


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