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Spring Cleaning

We think of this as the time of year to do away with the dusty, the smelly, the no longer needed. We long to throw up our windows and free our homes of the “junk” that has accumulated throughout the colder (or at least cooler!) months.

I like to do this mentally. I have found, left unchecked, negative, harmful, and often untrue beliefs tend to harbor in the corners of our psyche until we recognize them, acknowledge they are no longer welcome, and begin whatever process we need to do to “disinvite them” from our home.

When you think about this concept – what are some of the first thoughts that come to your mind that you need to rid yourself of. List them in any order, simply as they appear to you. Then choose something and write a note to it – explain to that negative belief why it is no longer welcome. Remember when it pops up again in your daily life to notice it, and remind it why its of no use to you – and send it on its way. It may not go quickly or easily – but acknowledging its presence will go a long way in removing the power it holds in your life.

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