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122315 - pictureIf you’ve heard me give a live presentation, or you’ve heard the story behind “I’m Here,” you may remember that the book is dedicated to my favorite nurse from my recovery, Barb. From the first moments of writing “I’m Here” I knew it would be a way for me to tangibly express gratitude – not only because she was a great bedside caregiver, but also because she was someone who greatly influenced my recovery. I know this will not come as a surprise, but not every one of your patients is going to dedicate a book to you!


Again, this was a show of gratitude… something that patients, unfortunately, aren’t always very good at. Part of this is understandable… after all, patients are usually sick or injured and recovering. Plus, many folks have trouble putting feelings into words and may simply not have the vocabulary and communication skills to express their thanks.  Yet, it’s not uncommon that I visit with nurses and hear stories of patient’s later sending flowers or a treat of some kind for all the nurses who took care of him/her.


Whether it was to you, personally, or you as a group of professional caregivers, please describe a sincere thank you that you’ve received from a patient. Verbal, written, as a tangible gift or even just a smile, please write a few lines about a time when you knew there was true gratitude flowing from a patient.

And – as we near the end of 2015 – please allow me to speak for all the patients who couldn’t express their gratitude and say “Thank You.” With all of my heart, thank you.


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