Narrative Nursing

The Poop Business

My stepdaughter is in Nursing School. She came home from clinical telling us about her day and how she worked with a client in a nursing home, and the difficult job of giving an unwilling person a shower following a “major explosion.”

She has had several years of experience in other aspects of healthcare and has moved up into the Activities Department at a Nursing Care facility. She noted, “I’m back at the beginning!”

After commiserating for a moment, in an attempt to encourage her I said, “but when you’re finished with school you won’t have to deal with this type of situation as much.” To which, her already experienced self replied, “Oh yes I will. It might be different – but I know the truth – I’m in the Poop Profession. And I’m okay with that.”

That is certainly not one of the glamorous aspects of the healthcare profession! But it is an undeniable fact of many day to day operations.


How do you deal with some of the “ugly” parts of the job requirements? Do you keep a sense of humor? Do you keep a stiff upper lip? Do you have advice for the student nurses out there?

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