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What If It’s Not Fair?

Walking through the local Target I heard the unmistakable wails of a toddler breakdown. Followed closely by the inevitable, “It’s not fair!” and of course, “You’re so mean!!”

If I’m honest, there have been a time or two (or twelve) in my adult life, I’ve silently (or loudly) uttered those words. Some times it just is not fair.

As mature adults we know this. And we can quote this to others.

But still… it sure sucks when we are the ones life isn’t being fair too.


How do you respond when you have a patient who is in the midst of a melt down, feeling overcome with life and perhaps justifiably lashing out about how life is not fair? What emotions does that bring to the surface in you? Have you found a way to handle your own sense of dealing with the “fairness” question?

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