Narrative Nursing

Program History

Who is Marcus Engel

Marcus Engel, M.S. is a professional speaker and author who is an expert in improving the patient experienceand he loves nurses!  He is also a 2012 graduate of the Narrative Medicine Masters program at Columbia University in the city of New York. His books, Im Here: Compassionate Communication in Patient Careand The Other End of the Stethoscope: 33 Insights for Excellent Patient Carewere born from Engels own experiences as a severe trauma survivor. 

At 18, Marcus Engel was blinded and nearly killed after being struck by a drunk driver. Through over 300 hours of reconstructive facial surgery, two years of rehab and recovery and a multitude of life changes, Marcus witnessed the good, the bad and the profound in patient care. These experiences are shared in his popular keynote lecture, The Other End Of The Stethoscopeand has been witnessed by hundreds of thousands of health care professionals.

While studying at Columbia University, Marcus Engel combined his years of working with front line health care professionals with the academic elements of both medicine and nursing. He studied under Rita Charon, M.D, Ph.D., as well as Dr. Norma Hannigan in the Columbia University School of Nursing.

The History of Narrative Nursing

Narrative Medicine is an emerging field of study combining the stories of health care and literature with the practical application to improve the quality of patient care. The termNarrative Medicinewas first coined by Rita Charon, M.D, Ph.D. at Columbia University when she published her book, Narrative Medicine: Honoring The Stories Of Illness(Oxford University Press, 2006.)  

Those who have been trained in Narrative Medicine are equipped and qualified to teach the competencies of Narrative Medicine to health care professionals, patients and those whos lives are touched by the health care system To learn more about the Narrative Medicine program at Columbia University, please visit: